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For replacement parts and accessories for manual induction sealing machines, consult the pros at Technopack Corporation, where you can find a vast inventory of industrial parts to repair or maintain your machines. Manual induction sealers, used to seal bottles while preventing leaks, preserving freshness and providing closures that are tamper evident, have several parts that might at some point require replacing. Induction sealing machines are designed to close 10mm-53mm, 28mm-70mm, 10mm-70mm and 63mm-120mm size caps and closures. Technopack Corporation stocks parts and accessories for JORESTECH® models E-IND-35, E-IND-100HA and E-IND-130HC, including fuse bases, rocker switches for band sealers, start switches, inductor cooling fans, inductor outer covers and operation control boards and display PCBs. Shop for replacement parts at Technopack Corporation, which offers a vast stock of spare parts and consumables and features a skilled group of technicians who support the inventory Technopack sells.