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When you require replacement parts for packaging items, visit Technopack Corporation and get the exact item you need from its selection of JORESTECH® foot sealer repair parts. Foot sealers are used to package powders, liquids, and heavy bags with pedal controls and automatic cycling. Owners of foot sealer models MFS-350, MFS-450, MFS-650, MFS-600P, FRT-300, FRT-400 and FRT-600P can find terminal assemblies, sealer micro switches, connecting shaft couplings, heating element rolls, PTFE sheets used to cover the flat heating element making a non-stick surface while sealing the bag, and expanded replacement kits for impulse auto sealers made by JORESTECH®. With the expanded replacement kits, you get PTFE covers and heating elements, and your order allows three complete seal component changes. PC boards for MFSA Series foot sealers are also available.