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For replacement parts and accessories for continuous induction sealing machines, check out the industrial inventory at Technopack Corporation, where you can find parts to repair or maintain your machines. Continuous induction sealers, used to seal plastic or glass containers with big threaded mouths in large production, produce instant high heat that can melt and seal an aluminum foil to a bunghole. The quick sealing speed of continuous induction sealers makes them suitable for mass production packaging, including pharmaceutics, daily chemicals, food, cosmetics and pesticides. Technopack Corporation stocks parts and accessories for JORESTECH® models E-IND-1500I, E-IND-2000B-I, E-IND-2000H, E-IND-Y2000, E-IND-Y2000X, E-IND-Y2500 and E-IND-Y2500X, including capacitators, rectifier bridges, working current displays, transformers, switching transistors and AC speed reduction motor assemblies with 60w 50/60Hz, 90-1350r/min power. Order from Technopack Corporation for the optimum customer service and competitive pricing.