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Chamber-type shrink system machines that combine sealing and shrinking into one industrial operation need replacement parts, just like any other packaging systems do. When it's time to provide maintenance, see the selection of replacement parts and accessories for chamber-type shrink systems available at Technopack Corporation. Operating on a single phase with an adjustable platform, chamber-type shrink systems require minimum electric consumption. Repair parts for JORESTECH® models FM-4030, FM-5540, FM-5540-S/S, FM-5540A and FM-8060 include heating tubes, neoprene rubber for L-sealers, relay interval times and micro switches for L-sealers and shrink systems are available. The neoprene rubber product is sold by the foot, so measure all dimensions of the product before purchase to obtain the correct size you need. Technopack has a vast stock of spare parts and consumables to guarantee the continuity of service, and when you deal with Technopack, you can also count on a dedicated team of technicians willing to help and support the equipment they sell.