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Machines which fill the right amount of a product into its container, auger fillers can be used for filling containers with liquid, semi solid, powdery and granular materials. To make sure your auger filler is properly maintained, see the selection of auger filler parts and accessories available at Technopack Corporation. Auger fillers store products such as, sugar, salt, detergent, spices, or coffee in a vessel called the hopper and in each cycle, the filler dispenses a predetermined amount of the product into the package. An auger filling system has five main sub-systems: the drive assembly, hopper, tooling, support structure and controls. Technopack stocks replacement parts for JORESTECH® models AUGER-20-SEMI, AUGER-500-SEMI, AUGER-2000-SEMI and PSE-84, including PLC displays, PLCs with 19W max, solid state relays, filling sensors and feedings sensors that offer a sensor range of 0 to 20 mm with specifications of 6-36 VDC and 200mA.