11 Inches x 50 Feet - Vacuum Rolls for Vacuum Sealers and Food Storage (C-VAC-11x50-ROLL-C)

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JORESTECH® premium embossed High Barrier Vacuum Rolls extend the shelf-life of your products by virtually eliminating oxygen from the package, which significantly slows down bacterial spoilage, reduces moisture loss, and prevents freezer burn. They function with a vacuum packaging system that creates a tight and compact seal around your product, offering excellent protection, improved appearance, and a more compact, efficient, and odorless method for storing and organizing. Whether it be in freezing or boiling temperatures, you can trust our product for safe, long-term use.


  • Don't waste material! Save money by making bags according to the size of the product you want to vacuum seal
  • New feature – Includes an area for labeling and dating
  • Works well with non-food household items as well - Preserve old photos, jewelry, important documents, medicines, seasonal garments, etc.
  • Locks in and preserves food taste
  • Boilable material – Perfect for sous vide cooking!
  • Excellent for packaging raw and precooked meals
  • Good for food portioning
  • Eases inventory management
  • Offers outstanding pack appearance through vacuum packaging technology
  • Heavy duty – Dishwasher safe, reusable, durable
  • Eliminates freezer burn
  • Prevents food waste
  • Protects food and objects from mold, dust, insects, and bacteria
  • Efficient gas and moisture barrier
  • Can be used to seal wet and dry products
  • Made for home, industrial, or commercial use
  • Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact
  • BPA (bisphenol) free
  • Nontoxic

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
15 Inches
Shipping Length:
12 Inches
Shipping Height:
6 Inches

Other Specifications

Item Condition:

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