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Twist Tie Wire - Wire Twist Ties

Technopack is an excellent source for all your packaging and material handling equipment and supplies. Wire twist ties contain metal wire with paper or plastic covering that can be used to close many kinds of plastic bags and other types of wrappers. These twist tie spools are designed for use with semi-automatic twist tie machines, such as those available from Triton Packaging. Automating your production facility can greatly enhance efficiency, eliminate material waste, and increase both speed and output. You'll also reduce your labor cost from time-consuming hand-tying when you use an automated tying machine instead. These kinds of devices are very easy to use, requiring minimal operator training.

Our twist tie spools can be used with a twist tie machine to close bags of candy, bakery goods, popcorn and many other sorts of food and non-food items. In addition to highly versatile twist ties, we also carry other consumables and packaging material. You'll find hot stamp foil and hot ink rolls for coders and printers, induction liners, vacuum packaging pouches, shrink packaging film, packaging tape, strapping materials, sewing thread for bag closure devices, box staples, hot melt glue sticks, PTFE, and machine lubricants.

Why should you choose Technopack Corporation for your material handling and packaging equipment? Because we have more than 70 years of experience offering a wide selection of high-quality, reliable products that are affordable for all sizes of businesses. You'll find machines for sealing bags and boxes, conveyors, filling equipment, stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers, weighing systems, capping machines, horizontal wrappers and vertical wrappers, vacuum packaging equipment and other devices to streamline your packaging operation. We also have industrial material handling equipment, safety gear, equipment parts and packaging supplies.