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A manual bag closer tapes a bag with a single, fast motion using self-adhesive tape. Using this type of machine is very easy, requiring no special training, yet it will help speed up your packaging operation. These colored tapes are designed to be used with these specialty manual bag closers. You can choose from various colors for an attractive touch to your product. Use the different colors to distinguish between types of products or for some other coding system in your organization.

Our bag closer tape is sold in quantities of 5 rolls at low bulk prices. These bag closer tapes are very durable, manufactured by HAL Packaging Consumables. They'll hold together various kinds of products such as candy, nuts, granola, bakery goods and many other food and non-food items. Closer tape keeps bags of products secure, whether for retail sale, during storage or for shipping.

In addition to tapes for bag tapers, you'll find other packaging supplies, including packaging tape, induction liners, vacuum packaging pouches, hot ink rolls and hot stamp foil, strapping materials, industrial sewing thread, hot melt glue sticks, twist tie wire, box staplers and PTFE rolls. We offer a selection of consumables and spare parts, in addition to our high-quality packaging and material handling equipment, for the 1-stop shopping convenience of our customers.

For more than 70 years, Technopack Corporation has provided the most reliable, innovative material handling and packaging machines at affordable prices. With our wide selection and decades of technical expertise, you won't find a better place to outfit your new packaging facility or replace outdated equipment. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the right products to meet your requirements and enhance your company's productivity.