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Strapping Materials

Our high-quality polypropylene (PP) strapping material stretch rolls are designed to withstand the rigors of semi-automatic strapping machines. Extremely durable and cost-effective, these strapping band rolls are very popular and widely used for securing medium and heavy loads. They can also be used with manual strapping devices, such as sealers and hand tensioners. Our polypropylene strapping band rolls are manufactured by HAL consumables and JORESTECH®, both leaders in the packaging and material handling industries.

For keeping boxed products secure during storage or shipping, we carry a range of strapping equipment. You'll find manual strapping systems, semi-automatic strapping machines, automatic strapping machines and strapping carts. Polypropylene is commonly used as an economical strapping material to unitize, palletize or bundle items. Keep your products secure during transit to customers with heavy duty strapping, which will greatly minimize damage due to shifting. A neat, protected shipment reflects well on your organization.

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