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shrink packaging film

Use this polyolefin shrink wrap with a manual, semi-automatic or automatic shrink packaging system for cost effective packaging. Polyolefin, an elastic, clear and smoothly textured shrink packaging film, has many benefits when used for shrink wrapping food and many kinds of retail products. It's strong, conforms well to various shapes and makes it easy to detect tampering. This highly popular form of packaging material is widely used for neat, professional packages for retail sale. Our shrink film has been approved by the FDA for direct contact with foods. This includes products that have high water content.

Shrink wrap is seen in many different industries. In packaging operations, warehouses use shrink packaging film to cover boxes and entire pallet loads to keep them secure and protected from the elements. It's used as tamper-evident seals for added security, and helps keep canned goods and other groups of products in a combined unit. In retail, shrink wrap is used on CDs, DVDs, software, books, and magazines. It's also used to wrap gift baskets, food items, soaps, and beauty products. Polyolefin shrink film is of a higher quality than PVC shrink film, as it has less of an odor when sealed, it provides a stronger seal and is not affected by temperature.

We offer rolls of polyolefin shrink wrapping in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Features include superior clarity, resistance to punctures and high flexibility. Our quantity rolls of shrink wrap are affordably priced for added savings, so stock up!

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