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Sewing Thread

This heavy duty sewing thread is made from 100 percent cotton, and is recommended for industrial use where rugged durability is a requirement. It can be used for all kinds of open mouth bags and for industrial joining applications such as with textiles. Compatible materials include cotton, paper, jute, burlap, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PET) and net bags. You'll find this type of sewing thread used to seal bags of charcoal, flour, cereal, grains, fertilizers, feed meal, cement, sugar, chemicals, lime, resin and much more.

Our industrial sewing thread is designed to be used with machines like the manual stitcher from JORESTECH®, a leader in packaging and material handling equipment. Their bag closer stitchers are designed to be easy to use for even inexperienced operators. Using a bag closer and heavy duty sewing thread will make your products uniformly professional and secure for storage or shipping to customers. Stitched closures work well when a bag is tossed around roughly, such as with bags of animal feed, seeds, and industrial fertilizer.

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