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In addition to selling innovative, reliable material handling and packaging equipment, we also offer a wide selection of consumables and spare parts so you can get long years of exceptional service from our products. These oils and lubricants are of extremely high quality, designed to effectively lubricate, protect, and extend the service life of machine components. These products help to prevent rust from forming, which can damage internal parts and reduce performance.

You'll find products such as synthetic mineral oil, which is an exceptional lubricant for JORESTECH® machines, such as their vacuum packaging machines and semi-automatic bag sewing systems. With proper maintenance and care, these toughly designed products will operate at peak performance for years.

In addition to these machine lubricants, other essential packaging supplies you'll find here include hot stamp foil and hot ink rolls for our printing machines, packaging tape, industrial sewing thread for bag closers, strapping materials, vacuum packaging pouches, induction liners, hot melt glue sticks for our glue guns, box staples, PTFE sheets, shrink packaging film and reels of twist tie wire.

Technopack Corporation is your 1-stop shopping source for all your packaging needs. We have a wide selection of reliable, affordably priced, industrial grade equipment for filling containers, sealing bags, closing boxes, labeling, shrink wrapping, vacuum packing, blister packing, weighing, capping, and transporting products through a packaging operation. We also offer high-quality material handling equipment, industrial safety gear and spare parts for our equipment. With more than 70 years of industry experience, our company is uniquely qualified to offer knowledgeable technical support and outstanding customer service to help you choose the right products to boost efficiency and productivity. Are you designing a new manufacturing facility, or are you in the market for new equipment to replace outdated machines? Give us a call!