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hot stamp foil sample

A hot stamping printer with hot stamp foil can be used to print text onto paper, plastic film, pharmaceutical paper, cartons, cellophane, aluminum, polyester, polypropylene or cardboard. The printers we sell from DAX Printing can print up to 3 lines of text. Use this method of printing for a company name, website address, manufacturing date, expiration date for foods and pharmaceutical products or an SKU for parts and supplies. Any type of company code that you want on every product you manufacture is a great use for a hot stamping printer.

Depending on the model, these foils are compatible with DAX printers such as the DAX-P100 and P600Y coders, CBS-1000 VAC and CBS-1000 coders. We sell the foils in a package of 10 rolls, with quantity discounts available. For the convenience of our customers, we sell not just coders, wrappers, sealers, labelers, and other equipment but all the supplies you need to get them up and running quickly.

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