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Designed for use with their hot ink coding printers, these hot ink rolls from DAX Printing are high-quality foam rolls that are made with different hot melt inks. In addition to the colors and sizes shown, other models are available. Contact us for more information. We sell these hot rolls in 12-roll trays at a special low price. Each hot roll will provide approximately 90,000 prints, though this number can vary according to the width of the print and the temperature.

In addition to being compatible with hot ink coding printers, hot rolls can be used with certain JORESTECH® continuous band sealers. This type of equipment seals bags quickly and efficiently for high-volume operations. They can be fed manually or added to an existing production line. A hot stamp printing coder with base is an available option for these types of machines. It prints text directly onto the label after it's applied. This type of automation can greatly enhance the efficiency of your operation, and these machines are made to be easy to use with minimal operator training required.

You'll find many kinds of material handling and packaging machines for companies of all sizes, plus parts and supplies to keep these machines running smoothly. Technopack Corporation carries equipment for filling containers, sealing packages for storage or retail sale, closing cases and boxes, adding shrink wrap to products, sealing bags, capping containers, labeling bottles and packages and printing on various types of material. Vacuum pack food containers to extend shelf life and keep products fresh. Use strapping equipment to keep boxes and the products inside secure. We also have fork lifts, pallet jacks and other material handling equipment for warehouses and factories.