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Staples are the most common means of closing the bottoms and tops of corrugated boxes. As part of your packaging operation, we offer manual, pneumatic, and foot carton staplers. They work like a charm to assemble boxes. However, you'll eventually run out of stapes and will need to restock. There heavy duty, industrial grade staples are manufactured by JORESTECH®, makers of our high-quality staplers (and many other packaging and material handling machines). We have them available in low-priced bulk quantities, and you can choose from Type C staples or Type A staples.

Type C staples are the most common of box staples. C-Type staples have a crown width of 1.25 inches, and they're widely used to securely close corrugated boxing. Especially when a box is to be shipped across country or elsewhere in the world, box stapes can offer added security for a box that has been taped or glued. They're typically used with carton closing staple guns. Type A staples is even more heavy duty than the C-Type staples. A-Type staples have a crown dimension of 1.375 inches, which makes them slightly wider than C staples. Keep your filled boxes from opening prematurely by securing them with durable industrial staples.

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