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With our wide selection of low-priced packaging materials and supplies, you can stock up to keep your packing production operating at full capacity. You'll find induction liners, vacuum packaging pouches, hot stamp foil, hot ink rolls, packaging tape, shrink packaging film, hot melt glue sticks, strapping materials, PTFE, sewing thread and twist tie wires. We even have supplies such as mineral oil to keep your equipment well lubricated.

Use induction liner discs with caps and induction sealers. Vacuum pouches preserve a wide range of food items and protect them from moisture, extending the shelf life. Our polyolefin shrink wrap film is clear, smooth and elastic, suitable for use in manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic shrink packaging systems. You'll find different kinds of packaging tape for sealing boxes and bags. These can also be used with various types of machines, and they're also available with printed messages. The hot stamp foil is used to print text such as company names, SKU numbers and expiration dates on cardboard, cellophane, aluminum, polyester and other materials. Hot ink rolls are also used to print text and are compatible with certain hot ink coding printers. Hot melt glue sticks are used with hot melt glue guns, while the industrial grade staples are used in our high-quality box staplers.

We sell polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in rolls, strapping bands and twist tie wire and sewing thread for closing bags of various materials. This is also bag closer tape in various colors and mineral oil to lubricate your packaging equipment for long-term, reliable operation.

At Technopack, we anticipate the needs of industry and commerce by supplying a wide range of packaging equipment and supplies at affordable prices. With more than 70 years of expertise in packaging and material handling, we are able to give our customers exceptional technical support that continues long after the sale.