Multi Head Radial Combination Weigher 10 head - 1300 ml - (Model - PARALLAX-1013) by JORESTECH®

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10 Head Radial Combination Weighing System - 10 g to 3000 g - (Model - PARALLAX-1013) by JORESTECH®

Measure and dispense products with great accuracy and speed with JORESTECH® PARALLAX line of radial net weight scales. These intelligent systems mathematically combine weights from a number of scales to release predetermined amounts of product. JORESTECH® PARALLAX machines are used to dispense snacks, candies, coffee, chocolates, cookies & pastries, flakes, cheese, vegetables, chemicals, pet food, frozen foods, grains, and pharmaceutical and general use products among others. Users benefit from the increased production capacity, the dependability and ease of use, the reduced operational and material costs, and the compact all-in-one design of the JORESTECH® PARALLAX machine series.

Basic Features of the PARALLAX 1013 WEIGHER:

  • Complete high-precision automatic weighing system
  • Built for versatility: Capable of weighing and dispensing a wide variety of product types
  • Built for speed: Fast flow design for optimal product movement
  • Built for accuracy: Smart combination weight algorithm and quality weigh cells for precise product measurement
  • Easily integrated onto automatic machinery or existing production lines. May also be actuated via pedal for semiautomatic applications.

Machine Characteristics:

  • User-friendly touchscreen HMI with multilanguage capability
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integration-ready for feeders, packaging machines, and mixing equipment
  • Capable of retaining up to 99 Product Configurations in Memory
  • Intuitive real-time machine status display
  • On-the-fly system parameter adjustments
  • Equipped with product level sensor to actuate an optional product elevator
  • Bucket discharge actuated by stepper motor
  • Multiple-dump capable for voluminous products
  • Removable (tool less) linear feeder pan, feed bucket, weight bucket, and collating chute

Other Specifications:

  • Weighing Range: 10 g - 3000 g
  • Number of Scales: 10
  • Weight Bucket Volume: 1300 ml
  • Machine Speed: Up to 70 wpm
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5 – 2 g
  • Rust and Dust proof
  • Water Resistance to IP 64 Standards
  • Electrical: 220VAC/ 50-60Hz / 1.5 Kw / 9 A
  • Machine Dimensions: 48" (1220 mm) L x 48' (1220 mm) W x 57 Inches (1440 mm) H
  • Machine Weight: 654 lbs. (297 kg)


  • Dimpled plated surfaces (for stickier products)
  • Linear Feed Pan Gate (for free flow products)
  • Funnel Exit Collection Bucket
  • Infeed Tunnel Cross Baffle (to eliminate product spiraling)
  • Product Elevator (incline or bucket type)
  • Foot Switch (for semiautomatic applications)
  • Round Infeed Hopper (for small granular products)
  • Work Platform (reduces vibration, increases accuracy, improves access to machine components, facilitates cleaning)
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction

Machine Dimensions:

Machine Dimensions
48 Inches (1220 mm)
48 Inches (1220 mm)
57 Inches (1440 mm)
654 lbs. (297 kg)

Shipping Package Dimensions
56 Inches (1436 mm)
43 Inches (1086 mm)
56 Inches (1436 mm)
845 lbs. (384 kg)

Product characteristics may change with notice. Please check with your supplier to ascertain if product is compatible with your application.

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Other Specifications

Item Condition:
  • Stainless Steel

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Product dimensions and weights are approximate and may change without prior notice.