Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine - (Model VAC-10) by JORESTECH®

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Tabletop Household Vacuum Sealing System (Model Vac-10) by JORESTECH®

Food may not keep fresh forever, but with the JORESTECH® VAC-10 vacuum sealing machine, you can make it last longer. The VAC-10 keeps food fresh for extended periods of time by slowing the action of harmful aerobic bacteria, while virtually eliminating freezer burn and oxidation. Compact, portable, and equipped with a powerful 3 mm sealer with integrated cord storage; this user-friendly tool is the perfect accessory for storage, marinating, freezing, defrosting, microwaving, and sous-vide cooking.

More than just a common food sealer, the VAC-10 is made to perform a wide variety of tasks beyond food packaging: Use it to protect gear, tools and spare parts from salt and humidity; safeguard important pictures and documents; make emergency kits for car, home, or your loved ones; baby proof your delicate belongings; keep bait fresh; reduce odors and seeping aromas; compact your clothes to carry less luggage; meal-prep and portion your diet; or protect your valuables for sunny day at the beach. The possibilities will go as far as your ingenuity.


Cooking and Nutrition: Food portion preparation/planning, lengthened product shelf life, break large items into smaller portions, enhanced action of marinades and rubs, spice storage, locking in food flavors and aromas, maximizing usage of available storage space, improved sous vide (under vacuum) cooking, etc.

Sports and Outdoor Activities: Processing and packaging of game, fish, bait, chum, smoked meats, sausage, rubs and spices; prepared meals, trail mixes, dried foods, grains, flours, energy bars, pemmican, etc.

Storage and Personal Use: Improved product storage and stock control, clear visual product identification and ability to write relevant product information on the package; protection of critical items such as sports gear, delicate components, and tools: By reducing tarnish and oxidation, protecting from water, air, airborne solids, insects, greases or chemicals, gasses or harmful environments; preparation of sets or kits: For application-critical components or supplies, tooling, emergencies, first aid; and long term storage of seldom used articles; etc.

Hobbies: Protecting collectible items (Philately, Currency, Maps, Historical Documents: By reducing oxidation, mold, insect activity and excessive humidity, and by maintaining a stable, air tight, unchanging environment); safeguarding heirlooms and valuables; etc.


  • Cook when it's most convenient, and consume when needed
  • Economize by buying in bulk and reducing into smaller long-life portions
  • Save $ by reducing spoilage and waste
  • Keep products protected, in a stable, air-tight environment away from bugs, excessive dryness or moisture, odors, dirt, or contaminants
  • Reduce energy costs and maximize usage of refrigerated space by placing products in flexible, compact, vacuum bags
  • Control portions and consumption with ease
  • Compatible with both specialty vac roll and vac bags made for chamberless vacuum packaging machines


  • Sturdy and compact, easy to manipulate, use, and store
  • Easy to clean, with spill chamber to catch liquids and removable sealing gasket
  • Integrated power cord stowage, for compact mess-free storage
  • Use on tabletop or counter
  • Powerful air suction and bag sealing system to reduce oxygen concentration in contact with product
  • Lengthens the shelf life of most products by slowing the action of aerobic bacteria that require oxygen to metabolize food and reproduce
  • Uniform, strong, long-lasting seals, help maintain the pressure differential (vacuum) and preserve barrier
  • Flat-type 3mm sealing element for air-tight, spill-free, odorless storage
  • Improves the marinating process
  • Also used for the sous-vide (under vacuum) cooking method
  • Does not affect the aging process of meats
  • Versatile dual-use control: Can used as a bag sealer only, or as a vacuum packaging machine
  • Box includes ten starter vacuum bags: Five small and five large sized
  • An improved food preservation method that allows you to buy products in bulk, resulting in cost savings
  • Used by cooks, chefs, hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, boaters, hobbyists, etc. for a wide variety of applications
  • Compatible with both textured pre-made vacuum bags and textured vacuum material in a roll
  • Includes manual with detailed instructions and tips for use.

Technical Details:

Brand: JORESTECH® tm
Model: E-VAC-10
Color: White
Voltage: 120V - 60Hz
Watts: 120
Size roll/ bags compatible 8-inch, 11-inch, quart and gallon heat-seal bags and rolls
Easy to Use Yes

Version 12/12/2016

Warranty Information

Return/Warranty Policy :
Return Days/Warranty Months: 15/3

Vacuum Machine Features

Power Supply Voltage:
110 Volts AC
Power Consumption:
.120 KWatts

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
5 Inches
Shipping Length:
12 Inches
Shipping Height:
6 Inches

Other Specifications

Item Condition:
  • Plastic

Industry Information

Related Industries:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Personal Care
  • General Packaging
  • Restaurants Catering and Food Services

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