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tray wrappers and sealers

Do you need equipment for sealing flexible lidding material to pre-formed plastic trays? We have reliable industrial machines from JORESTECH®, a leading manufacturer in material handling and packaging machinery. These manual tray sealers and tray wrappers make quick work of sealing pre-formed trays. JORESTECH® machines are easy to use, with little operator training required. They'll help you to streamline your packaging operation for greater production capacity.

A manual tray sealer fuses a sheet of plastic film onto to top of a container. With little effort, you'll have professional-looking, secure, water-tight foods. The plastic seal is strong and durable, providing protection while allowing full viewing of the product inside. These machines are used by various types of businesses to package vegetables, fruit, desserts, prepared meals, and other foods, in addition to other items such as machine parts and medical supplies. This type of packaging keeps food fresh and other products free of contamination, dust, or damage.

Depending on the model, these machines have features like stainless steel construction, the ability to use various sizes of molds, easy mold changing and precision digital temperature control. Some models include a film cutting system for removing excess film.

You'll also find tray wrappers that efficiently use film so that there's less waste and a more uniform, professional result. With these premium wrapping systems, all areas that come into contact with the product are constructed from stainless steel or PFTE.

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