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Stretch wrap offers many benefits for shipping or storing large loads or pallets of boxes and products. It can boost efficiency and cut losses for any business that needs to ship a lot of products. If your business often uses stretch wrap, a pallet stretch wrapper can save you time and money while also keeping workers safe.

Technopack Corp. offers pallet stretch wrappers with or without pre-stretching. If you stretch-wrap many pallet loads of goods a day, an initial investment in one of these machines can save you loads of time and money in the long run.

A pallet stretch wrapper offers many advantages. It is the most secure method for packaging your load and can prevent spills, accidents and breakage during shipping, while being moved by forklifts or in storage. In addition, pallet shrink wrappers let you stack loads higher. That can cut shipping costs. By using opaque films, you can protect your products from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and also from the eyes of potential thieves.

Our pallet wrappers also deliver benefits for employees. They are simple and safe to operate. Because they wrap automatically, they cause no operator fatigue. They will reduce work-related injuries. Built-in safety features protect your employees' feet and bodies from accidents.

Stretch wrapping machines also save precious resources. They use stretch films much more efficiently than hand wrapping. Besides all these benefits, stretch-wrapping machines do a professional job and provide excellent product presentation.

Technopack offers you a choice of turntable stretch wrap machines available with or without pre-stretching. All these machines boast extremely rugged all-metal construction for durability. Each includes a control panel that is easy to operate and gives complete control over the machine. Machines with the pre-stretch option maximize resources by increasing film stretching and coverage.