Luggage / Baggage Stretch Wrapper Machine with Turntable (Model STR-5000-N) by JORESTECH®

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Luggage / Baggage Wrapping Machine for Airports (Model STR-5000-N) by JORESTECH®

Main Advantages:

  • Protects Product for Theft, Rain, Condensation, and Breakage
  • Can Wrap Large and Small Pieces of Almost any Shape
  • Inexpensive to Operate
  • Fully Contained in One Rugged and Compact
  • Unit Uses Stretch Film, a ubiquitous and inexpensive Material Film can be any color from transparent or opaque
  • Minimal Operator Training is required
  • Extremely Easy to Operate
  • Equipped with Braking Rolling Casters
  • Easy to Move or Quickly Situate at the Best Locations by a Single Person
  • Does not require bulky and power-hungry Heating Systems

Machine Specifications:

  • Powered Pre-Stretch Film Head
  • Delivery System
  • Easy Adjust Luggage Base
  • Maximum Package Weight: 220 lbs (100 Kg).
  • Stretch Film Width: 500 mm (20")
  • Platform Speed: 20 rpm
  • Load Size: 16~32" (400~800mm) x 7~14" (180~350mm) x 12~20" (300~500mm) H
  • Control Panel: Master On Light
  • Turntable Revolution Counter
  • Pre-Stretch Adjust Control
  • Cycle Start Push Button
  • E- Stop
  • Wrap Cycle Timer
  • Wrap Pause Push Button

Other Specifications:

  • Electrical: 110V/60HZ·
  • Machine Size: 63" (1600mm) x 26" (660mm) x 47" (1200mm)
  • Machine Weight: 500lbs (227 Kg)
  • Boxed Size: 65" (1651 mm) x 74" (1879 mm) x 26" (1371mm)
  • Boxed Weight: 625 lbs (283 kg)

Warranty Information

Return/Warranty Policy :
Return Days/Warranty Months: 30/6

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
26 Inches
Shipping Length:
66 Inches
Shipping Height:
74 Inches

Other Specifications

Item Condition:
  • Rugged Steel

Industry Information

Related Industries:
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • General Packaging
  • Transportation and Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing and Storage

Specs Sheet (STR_5000N-01.jpg, 2,250 Kb) [Download]

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