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Wrapping luggage is becoming increasingly popular around the world as travelers look for more protection, safety and security for their belongings. At Technopack, we carry quality luggage stretch wrappers and stretch-wrapping machines. These are ideal for any travel-related business.

Our luggage stretch wrappers offer many advantages. Besides deterring theft, they also protect the contents of suitcases and luggage from rain, condensation and spills. The added padding they provide also helps insure against breakage.

Our machines can wrap large or small luggage pieces of practically any shape. They can handle luggage and packages up to 220 pounds.

Inexpensive to operate, these machines are easy to use. It only takes a little time and training for operators to learn how to use them. A built-in control panel allows intuitive operation. Features include a turntable revolution counter, cycle-start push button, e-stop, wrap-cycle timer and more.

These machines use stretch film, which is an inexpensive, easy-to-find material available in a variety of translucent as well as opaque shades. The powered pre-stretch film head helps you get more out of each roll of film.

Our luggage-wrapping machines don't require bulky, power-hungry heating systems. They operate easily and efficiently on 110V systems.

Fully contained in one rugged compact unit, each machine is easy to move. That means you can deploy it among multiple locations, getting maximum value out of each luggage-wrapping machine. A single person can move this machine quickly and easily.

We carry quality machines made by industry leaders such as JORESTECH®. If you have any questions, call the experts at Technopack Corp. toll-free or send us an email.