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A skin packaging system adheres a film to a printed paper board or another type of surface for a professional package that's ready for boxing and sale. Choose from manual clamshell sealers, skin packaging systems and blister packaging systems. These reliable, industrial-grade machines are made by JORESTECH®, a trusted name in the material handling and packaging machinery industry.

A manual blister pack sealer can be used to package small tools, toys, and other products, and it works with various plastic sheets such as PVC, PP, and PE. These hand-held devices are easy to use without any special training. With a skin pack or skin packaging machine, the product is placed on paperboard and then covered with a thin plastic sheet. The film is then bonded to the paperboard, which typically has a special coating. The difference between this and a blister pack is that the skin pack is formed over the product, whereas the blister pack is pre-formed. A skin packaged product may need to be cut into separate pieces.

Our skin packaging machines are designed for high-volume production plants, producing up to 60 pieces in an hour. This equipment has features like all-metal construction, uniform heating, and a control panel with digital display so that you can adjust the vacuum cycle length and heating time. Machine casters allow for ease of movement.

For more than 70 years, Technopack Corporation has been serving a wide variety of industries with the best quality packaging and material handling equipment. Based in the U.S., we offer a comprehensive selection of products at affordable prices. Our expertise gives us the product knowledge necessary to provide exceptional customer service and technical support before and after the sale.