Automatic Sleeve Wrapping System with Tunnel

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Sleeve wrapper and tunnel shrinking system designed to wrap a wide variety of packs, either as individual packs, or as collations. Two rolls of film are sealed in the middle, creating a single curtain of film. Apply for products such as bottled water, Beer, Soft drinks etc.

Sleeve Wrapper:

Equipped With:

  • Automatic Operation for manual or in-line feeding
  • Equipped with 90 Degrees belt coveyor feeders
  • Equipped with pneumatic pusher feeder with adjustable product guides.
  • Motorized lower roll feeder controlled to determine exactly the amount of film needed as the product length demands.
  • Motorized upper roll feeder in order to smooth the sealing process and avoid sealing breaks.
  • Safety protection system for sealing bar.

Tecnical Features:

  • Quick Fitting Pneumatic fittings for easy connection and maintenance.
  • Caster for easy movements.
  • Schneider/Telemecanique electrical devices.
  • Sealing bar with blade for smooth sealing (Depends on selected Models).
  • Maximum Production Speed Range. 8-18 ppm
  • Working Area Height: (Depends on selected Models)
  • Three Phase Supply 220V/50-60Hz. (Depends on selected Models)
  • Fixed support bases with adjustable height
  • Air Pressure: 6 – 8 Kg/cm3
  • Stainless Steel Option Available (Depends on selected Models)

Thermo Shrink Tunnel:

Technical Features:

  • High power for quick thermo shrink process
  • Double motor air convention system
  • Equipped with casters for ease of movements.
  • Adjustable speed by using adjustable frequency regulator
  • Tunnel Dimensions: (Depends on selected Models)
  • Approximate maximum production speed: 30-60 ppm
  • Cooling zone at tunnels path end
  • Three Phase Voltage Supply at 220V/60Hz. (Other Voltage Available)
  • Fixed support bases with adjustable height
  • Stainless Steel Option Available (Depends on selected Model)

Other Specifications

Item Condition:

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