Complete High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine for large items - model SIDESEAL-7100 by JORESTECH®

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High Speed Auto Shrink Wrapping System for large items - model SIDESEAL-7100 by JORESTECH®

JORESTECH® High Speed Shrink Wrapping Systems automatically form and shrink a bag of heat-shrink material around products for a secure, uniform packages of excellent visual appeal. JORESTECH® line of reliable and stable high-speed systems are used to wrap a wide variety of products, including picture frames, collapsed boxes, paints, rolls of thread, machine parts, food trays, UHT containers, construction materials, cosmetics, printed materials, electronics, windows, cans of seafood, nutraceuticals, etc.

Composed of:

  • ONE- JORESTECH® SIDESEAL 7100 Side Sealing Wrapping System
  • ONE- Motorized transfer conveyor
  • ONE- JORESTECH® TUN 8030FAST Heat Shrink Tunnel

System Characteristics:

  • Automatic Feeding system
  • Forms full-closure packages
  • Constant Heat Sealing system to seal most POF and PE films (check for film compatibility)
  • PLC Brand: OMRON
  • Sensors Brand: BANNER/SICK
  • Pneumatics: FESTO/SHAKO
  • Compressed Air Requirements: 6-8KG/Cm2
  • Maximum Product Dimensions: Unlimited Length. Width + Height ≤ 710 mm. Height ≤ 150 mm
  • Simple to operate through touch screen HMI
  • Equipped with PLC and photo electric sensors
  • System includes safety switches to disable the sealer when an access door is opened
  • Automatic error detection system stops the machine automatically when it senses something out of the ordinary
  • Sealer Speed: 20 -30 ppm (depending on product dimensions
  • Sealer Dimensions: 2430 x 1565 x 1400 mm H
  • Sealer Voltage: 220V/1Ph/50-60Hz
  • Tunnel Dimensions: 1800 x 1290 x 1300 mm H
  • Tunnel Opening: 1500 x 800 x 300 mm H
  • Maximum Product Size: 1300 x 620 x 200 mm H
  • Tunnel Speed: 20 M/sec
  • Tunnel Voltage: 220V/3Ph/50-60Hz
  • Powered Transfer belt conveyor dimensions: 1500 mm L x 600 mm W

Other Specifications

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