Automatic Labeling Machine - Label Applicator for Flat Containers - (Model OMICRON-3-LABELER) by JORESTECH®

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OMICRON 3 Automatic Labeler System - Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator for Flat Containers (Model OMICRON-3-LABELER) by JORESTECH®

Apply labels with ease and precision for consistent, professional-looking products. JORESTECH® OMICRON-3 effortlessly applyself-adhesive labels onto objects with flat surfaces, such as boxes, cosmetics, packets, bags, envelopes, cartons, food trays, containers, blisters, etc. These versatile machines can be integrated onto existing production lines or be fed manually. JORESTECH® OMICRON labelers are used for promotional and product information labeling, , anti-counterfeit/product safety measures application and bar code application. Sample products labeled with these units include baby wipes, batteries, dairy products, first aid kits, herbs, manuals, bakery products, medical instruments, machine parts, confectionery, and many others.

Machine Features:

  • Applies one pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) label onto flat surfaces
  • Machine Speed: 40-80 ppm (depending on product characteristics and feed speed)
  • Label Size Range: 10 – 120 mm W x 20 -300 mm L ( 0.39 in - 4.72 in W x 0.78 in - 11.81 in L)
  • Precision: +/- 1mm (Subject to product characteristics)
  • Maximum Label Roll Diameter: 300 mm Ø
  • Label Core Diameter: 75 mm Ø
  • Machine Size: 1800 mm L x 600 mm W x 1400 mm H
  • Machine Weight: 150 Kg
  • Equipped with Printing Coder to print information directly onto the label
  • Electrical: 220VAC/50-60Hz
  • Includes integrated motorized belt conveyor with left to right movement
  • Labeling Mechanism driven by stepper motor
  • KEYENCE Brand (Japan) Sensors
  • DELTA Brand (Taiwan) PLC
  • DELTA Brand (Taiwan) Touchscreen HMI
  • Includes recommended spare parts kit
  • Available as an option: Optional Integrated Printing Coder/Dater

Ver 12/19


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