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Inspection is a key factor for the success of any production line. For example, tunnel type metal detectors are be used to check raw products for final inspection in a packaging line, to ensure there is no metal content or objects in the product before shipping to final packaging. Check weighers and many other machines used for this quality control may be found in this category.

New, JORESTECH®, Stainless Steel

Weighting Speed: 60 Bags/Min. Weight Capacity: 0.02 lbs (10 g) to 2.20 lbs (999 g). Percent of Accuracy: ± 0.001 lbs (0.5 g) - 0.002 lbs (1 g). Scale Precision: 0.0002 lbs (0.1 g).

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New, JORESTECH®, Stainless Steel

Weighting Speed: 45 Bags/Min. Weight Capacity: 22 lbs (9.99 Kg). Percent of Accuracy: ± 0.004 lbs (2 g) - 0.007 lbs (3 g).
Scale Precision: 0.002 Lbs (1 g).

Stainless Steel
Inline System Metal Detector with Integrated Conveyor and Rejection System - (Model - MD-350) by JORESTECH® Maximize the performance, quality, and...