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Semi-automatic carton sealers work well for low-volume and low-speed productions, in which an operator loads the carton, folds the flaps, and pushes the carton into the carton sealer. These reliable case sealers are designed for industrial environments, and seal a wide range of cases.

Carton Sealers are commonly used in: electrical goods, textile goods, processes food, consumable goods, pharmaceuticals, light industrial goods, and any other similar product that requires sealed cartons. Carton Sealers are versatile and can be adjusted for various box sizes, giving your product a tidy and uniformed appearance.

Automatic Case Closers are used when large quantities of boxes of equal sizes need to be taped. Tape is perfectly centered and cut - giving boxes a clean professional look. Tape usage is reduced to the minimum necessary to securely tape the boxes shut. Cost-per-package calculations are made possible as the length of tape used is the same for each size of box. Operator simply pushes box into the machine. Friction conveyors take the box through the taping process and the box exits the box closer, ready for palletizing or shipping.