Continuous Band Sealer Horizontal / Vertical Analog Model CBS-630 by JORESTECH®

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The JORESTECH® 630 Series industrial-grade Band Sealers are built for medium-duty continuous bag sealing applications where versatility, speed, and dependability are a must. These powerful sealers securely seal bags made with thermoplastic (heat-sealable) films including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester, and heat-sealable laminations. They are compatible with a wide range of bag formats including sachets, stand-up pouches (Doypack), “pillow” bags, gusseted bags, low and high-barriers pouches, and many others.

The JORESTECH® CBS-630 Band Sealer is an ultra-versatile band sealer that is easily converted for horizontal and for vertical operation and is equipped with a motorized conveyor.

With over a decade in the market and thousands of units sold, JORESTECH® Band Sealers are used to package an extensive array of products, including aggregates, candy, cannabis, cookies, chocolates, cereals, coffee, chemicals, spices, salts, soaps, stationary, snacks, dyes, grains, MREs, nuts & seeds, nutraceuticals, pastas, popcorn, pet food, pastries, protein bars, fertilizers, flours, hardware and parts, teas, trays, tortillas, vegetables, and countless other products.

Basic Features of the JORESTECH® CBS-630 Continuous Band Sealer:

  • All-in-one continuous high-speed bag sealing system
  • Makes strong, professional-looking airtight seals like those made by costly high-speed automatic systems
  • Seals thermoplastic materials including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), BoPET (ie. Mylar), and heat-sealable laminations and cellulose (ie. Cellophane)
  • Capable of speeds of up to 12 mts/min (40 ft/min), depending on product/bag seal characteristics
  • Seals bags that are standing AND bags that are laying on their side (convertible to horizontal and to vertical operation)
  • Includes motorized belt conveyor with synchronized speed adjustment
  • Extremely easy to use

Machine Characteristics:

  • All-metal construction with durable electrostatic paint treatment (Powder Coated)
  • Non-stick woven PTFE-type guide belts
  • Extra wide 3/8-inch (10mm) seal
  • Bag height range: 5 – 11 inches (125 – 280 mm H)
  • Conveyor Width 6 inches
  • Equipped with electronic adjustable speed control
  • Adjustable 2-Way pulley system for optimal bag stability
  • Equipped with bag entry guide for easy bag feeding and straight seals
  • Extended forced-air cooling system with extra-wide cooling bars and 6 heat transfer orifices
  • Knurled pressure rollers with variable pressure adjustment
  • Sealing method: constant heat
  • Single pair of bronze sealing bars
  • Max distance above seal: 1/2 inch
  • Max weight per bag: 2,2 lbs
  • Analog Temperature Controller: 0 - 300°C (572°F)
  • Control panel includes E-Stop (industrial quick-stop switch)
  • Dual-orientation system includes vertical AND horizontal conversion kits (Can be used both as a horizontal and as a vertical Band Sealer)
  • Conveyor height from conveyor to center of sealing belt (at vertical configuration): 114 to 254 mm (4 ½ inches to 10 ½inches)

Other Specifications:

  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training
  • Embossing Coder Compatible
  • Electrical: 110V/50-60Hz
  • Machine power: 650 Watts
  • Power fuse protected
  • Machine Size: 880mm (34 inches) L x 380mm (15 inches) W x 550mm (21.6 inches) H
  • Boxed Size: 965mm (38 inches) L x 521mm (18 inches) W x 419mm (16.5 inches) H
  • Machine Weight: 60 lbs (27Kg)
  • Boxed Weight: 74 lbs (36Kg)

Bands Replacement Procedure:

V. 6/16/2015


Warranty Information

Return/Warranty Policy :
Return Days/Warranty Months: 15/3

Continuous Band Sealer

Control Panel:
Cabinet Style:
Table Top
Operational Mode:
Horizontal & Vertical
Printing Method:
Embossing (Optional)
Minimum Bag Height:
5 Inches
Maximum Bag Height:
11 Inches
Maximum Conveyor Speed:
40 f/m
Supply Voltage:
110 VAC

Machine Dimensions

Item Width:
34 Inches
Item Length:
15 Inches
Item Height:
21.6 Inches

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
38 Inches
Shipping Length:
18 Inches
Shipping Height:
16.5 Inches

Other Specifications

Item Condition:
  • Rugged Steel

Industry Information

Related Industries:
  • Art and Crafts
  • Food & Beverage
  • Building Material
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Coffee
  • General Manufacturing
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Hobby, Books & Music
  • General Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical
  • Spice Production
  • Wood and Pulp Related

Machine Base/Stand

$10.99 $7.99
Emergency Stop Button
$19.99 $18.99
CBS-630/730 PTFE Belts 770mm
$120.00 $65.00
$35.99 $27.12
Speed Circuit Plate
$25.99 $15.25
$22.00 $14.27
$25.00 $21.00
$36.00 $31.99
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Vertical-Horizontal Conversion (horiz-vertical_conversion.pdf, 1,074 Kb) [Download]

Have had this machine for well over 2 yrs and it is a Great sealer. I usually seal approx 3000-4000 bags a month. Smooth running and easy to use. Highly recommend. Great Value!
Fabulous little machine for the price. Easy to setup and run. We were so impressed with it we bought a second one. They run trouble free.
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