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The selection of JORESTECH® push carts and platform trucks for industrial material handling available at Technopack Corporation can help you more easily move 330 pounds of cargo around a warehouse, with certain models capable of moving up to 660 pounds.

The JORESTECH® Platform Truck with folding handle is a single-level push cart with rubber casters that can be employed in a variety of industrial tasks around a warehouse. Made to be durable, with versatility in mind, the platform truck has work platforms made of sturdy polypropylene that is resistant to corrosion and which has non-skid markings. Resistant to both impact and the potential harm from chemicals, the push cart will afford you solid traction in a quiet package, and its Honeycomb construction helps produce high-impact resistance. This single-level cart, which comes in handy in warehouses, workshops, hotels and labs, among other venues, folds quickly and stores compactly. Some of the single-level platform trucks feature folding handles.

Double-level and triple-level push carts from JORESTECH® are also in stock at Technopack. Safety corners that are not sharp or dangerous are one of the ergonomic features of these multi-level platform trucks. They move around on four rubber casters, two of which pivot while the other two remain fixed. The platform dimensions on the triple-level cart are 28 1/2" x 19", with a push/pull handle that is 37 1/2" high. The bottom platform is 6 inches off the ground. The middle level platform is 18 inches high. The top platform is 29 inches high. Before you load anything onto the triple-level utility cart, it weighs 36 pounds. The double-level utility cart has identical features to the triple-level version, only the middle, 18-inch high level is not included, and the cart weighs 30 pounds empty.