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Facilitate the handling of material in industrial settings with a choice of three pallet stackers available at Technopack Corporation in either manual or electric models. A secure and economic way to move and lift pallets, the rugged Manual Pallet Stacker with a 2,200 pound capacity is easy to use and does not require the use of complicated and costly combustible or electrical drive systems. Use the manual pallet stacker in small or medium-sized warehouse operations, or wherever it is not possible to use a powered system. Carry the manual stacker in trucks to assist in loading and unloading.

Electric pallet stackers are available for capacities of either 2,200 or 3,300 pounds. The stacker with a 3,300 pound capacity has a maximum lift height of 63 inches and is engineered to enable it to pass through doors and work in areas that are heavily congested with a design that is compact. Equipped with a wheel base of 55 inches, the pallet stacker has polyurethane tires, an overall length of 77 inches and a turning radius of 70 inches. Work ambient temperatures for this stacker to operate should be no higher than 104 degrees F and not lower than -104 degrees F.