Semi-Electric Fork Pallet Jack - Pump / Pull Hand Truck - 2200 Lbs. (1000 kg) - (Model PJSE-2200Lbs) by JORESTECH®

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Semi Electric Fork Pump Pallet Jack - Industrial and Warehouse Pull Hand Truck- 2200 Lbs. (1000 Kg) - (Model PJSE-2200-Lbs. printer) by JORESTECH®

Rugged and easy-to-use pallet truck system. Hybrid power system: Electrical for movement, manual for pallet lifting. Compact, stand-up operation - requires little space to operate. Dual-speed drive system with Emergency brake switch. Reduces operator strain and quickens pallet movement. Perfect for use in tighter areas where space is at premium. Capacity: 2200 Lbs (1000 Kg).

Make your everyday operations consistent, efficient, and secure with JORESTECH® Pallet Jacks. This simple device makes transportation of heavy materials safer and more effective, so that one person alone can do the job with ease. With short and proper training, any worker will be able to lift, push, pull, and move pallets in no time. These easy-to-use units are the perfect tool for lifting tasks, and their compact design facilitates a clear and unobstructed view, making it easy to locate and retrieve a specific product and significantly reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.Use these versatile forklifts to transport products, load delivery trucks, for low-level order picking, and much more. From warehouses, to storage facilities, to retail floors, JORESTECH® Pallet Jacks have you covered!

  • Two-speed driving system.
  • Emergency brake switch.
  • Manual lifting and motor driving.
  • AC motor, no carbon brush, maintenance fee, low noise.
  • Sealed batteries free of maintenance, safe operation and no pollution.
  • Built-in charger.
  • Meets safety standard S EN 1757-2:2001

Load Capacity

Q (Lbs/Kg)


Load Centre Distance



Fork Height, lowered



y(inches/mm) 53/1350

Tire size, front

inches/mm Ø7/175

Tire size, rear

inches/mm Ø

Max. Lift Height

h3(inches/mm) 8/200

Height of tiller in drive position min/max

h14(inches/mm) 50/1244
Overall lenght l1

Length to face of forks

l2 (inches/mm)


Fork dimensions

s/e/l(inches/mm) 2/6/48 (45/160/1220)

Width overall forks

b5(inches/mm) 27/680

Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase

m2(inches/mm) 1.18/30

Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways

Ast(inches/mm) 74/1885

Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways

Ast(inches/mm) 76/1935

Turning radius

Wa(inches/mm) 58/1490

Travel speed, laden/unladen

Km/h 2.6/3.8

Max. gradeability, laden/unladen

% 5/15

Drive motor rating - S2 60 min

kW 0.5

Battery Voltage, nominal capacity K5

V/Ah 24

Battery weight

Lbs / Kg 57/26

Service Weight

Lbs / Kg 330/150

Other Features:Capacity: 2,200 Lbs (1000 Kg)

Package Size: 72 inches (1828 mm) x 29 inches (736 mm) x 25 inches (635 mm)
Package Weight: 391 Lbs, 177,4 Kg

Warranty Information

Return/Warranty Policy :
Return Days/Warranty Months: 15/3

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
29 Inches
Shipping Length:
72 Inches
Shipping Height:
25 Inches

Other Specifications

Item Condition:
  • Rugged Steel

Industry Information

Related Industries:
  • All Industries

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