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The selection of standard, semi-electric and electric pallet jacks available at Technopack Corporation are basic forms of forklifts that can help you move pallets within a warehouse with greater ease. Use these pallet jacks to organize or transport pallets inside a trailer.

The narrow Pallet Jack Standard Duty Hand Truck for 6,600 pound capacity offers a maximum lift height of 7.7 inches and a fork height when lowered of 3 inches. Made of rugged steel by JORESTECH® has a 7-inch steering wheel and a turning radius of 50 inches. The handle height is 48 inches and an overall length of 5 feet. The Semi-Electric Pallet Jack Truck with 2,200 pound capacity has a built-in charger and an emergency brake switch, and its hybrid power system is electrical for movement and manual for pallet lifting. Its compact, stand-up operation requires a relatively small amount of space to operate. The dual-speed drive system with emergency brake switch reduces operator strain and hastens pallet movement. It has an AC motor, no carbon brush and provides maintenance-free, low noise operation that is safe and environmentally friendly.

The Electric Pallet Jack Truck for 4,400 pound capacity is a ride-on system that is easy to use and does not require much space to operate. Cut down on potential strain to the truck's operator and facilitate pallet movement with the compact, stand-up operation of this truck. The service weight is 1,100 pounds with battery and it has a load center distance of 24 inches. Get a lift height of 5 inches with this 76-inch long electric pallet jack truck. The traveling brake is electromagnetic. The vehicle must be used on a surface that is both hard and level, and the vehicle should not be used in the presence of flammable or explosive materials or in corrosive environments.