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When you need industrial equipment for material handling, Technopack Corporation offers a wide selection of products to help you get any job done. We stock forklifts, pallet jacks, pallet stackers, table lifts, forklift extensions, push carts, pallet pullers, hand trucks, and vertical balers.

Pallet jacks, semi-electric pallet jacks, and electric pallet jacks available at Technopack require little space to operate. Pallet jacks are an ideal way to reduce operator strain and to speed up pallet movement. When space is at a premium, compact pallet jacks can handle big jobs without taking up big amounts of room. Whether you require pallet jacks for loads of 2,000 pounds or upwards of 6,000 pounds, you can find the right equipment at Technopack.

Our pallet stackers are available in both manual and electric models. Stack up to 2,200 pounds with the manual model, and up to 3,300 pounds with the electric model. The stackers boast compact, stand-up operation so it can easily pass through doors or work in areas that are heavily congested. Because of the stand-up design, these pallet stackers require a smaller amount of space to operate than systems that have a seating position. We also stock table lifts to accommodate 330 pounds, 660 pounds or 1,100 pounds.

Get forklift extensions in 60" x 5.5" or 72" x 6.5" measurements. Pallet puller clamps for heavy-duty industrial use come with high-tension gripping studs and can handle up to 4,400 pounds. Platform trucks and utility carts can handle up to 330 pounds or up to 660 pounds, depending on the model you choose. Also, check out our selection of vertical balers, including models that take up a surprisingly small footprint without sacrificing functional value.