International Orders

We feel honored to have been chosen by so many clients from different cultures and nationalities, and proudly ship our products and offer our services throughout the world. The import/export procedure is typically simple and straight forward.

We do want to call your attention to the following:

If applicable, check the compatibility between the electrical specifications of the item you are purchasing and the standards available in the country the product will be functioning in.

If your order is to be shipped outside the United States of America, please note that nations often charge import tariffs and/or nationalization fees. In addition, the courier, shipper, or broker may charge for a variety of services including import/export, storage, and/or brokerage services. Unless otherwise noted in writing, these costs are not covered in the shipping costs nor are they covered by Technopack Corporation. You, the buyer or consignee, will be liable and responsible for all tariffs, charges, and/or fees.

To place an order offline, to inquire about a product, or for all other inquiries, please contact us at your convenience.

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