Cooling Hard Hat Neck Shade - Helmet Sun Shield (Model HATCR-YL) by JORESTECH®

ANSI/ISEA Compliant
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Cooling Hard Hat Neck Shade - Helmet Sun Shield (Model HATCR-YL) by JORESTECH®

When working outdoors, stay protected with the JORESTECH® Hard Hat Sun Shade. Designed to shield users from the heat and rays of the sun, it features a full brim that keeps direct sunlight away from the face and eyes for a clear and wide field of vision. Additionally, a neck cover with open-mesh construction provides the perfect combination of breathability and sunburn protection. This sun shade was specifically built high visibility contrasting colors, reflective details around the edges, and a 1” (25.4 mm) reflective tape on the back, enhancing user safety and visibility in foggy or low-light conditions. Built for ultimate comfort, reliability, and adaptability, it features a hook and loop strap on each side, and a double fabric in the front and back that allows users to attain a secure and personalized fit for a wide variety of helmets.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Can be folded into itself for convenient and bulk-free transportation.
  • BREATHABLE: Open mesh for increased ventilation and cooling effect while working under the sun.
  • FULL BRIM DESIGN: Large shadow diameter provides extra protection to the eyes, face, and neck.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY DESIGN: Contrasting high-vis colors and 360° of all-around reflective protection
  • ADJUSTABLE AND VERSATILE: Modifiable fit for a personalized use that adapts to a variety of hats
  • Good for construction/work site, warehouse where ANSI and OSHA compliance is required. Great for FAA Airports, TSA, surveying, landscaping, shipyards, trucking, site inspection, renovations, schools, security, roadway highway traffic, engineering, emergency teams, parking guards, fulfillment centers, working in the yard, gardening, hiking, watching outdoor sporting events, bike riding, cycling, etc.



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