Home and Garden Protective Knee Pads – Waterproof EVA Foam Caps for Work and PPE – (Model S-KP-03-BK) by JORESTECH®

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Work and daily activities are often rough and are risky to the body. If your working day involves spending long periods of time kneeling in tough, harsh, or uneven surfaces, you could be doing more damage to your knees than you realize. The knee is the largest weight-bearing joint in your entire body, and crucial for any type of upright activity such as standing, walking, or running.

Intended for knee comfort and protection, the JORESTECH® Anti-Skid Kneepads are made of a durable EVA foam that ensures protection against cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. Two adjustable, pivoting elastic bands provide the user with a comfortable, personalized, and adaptable fit. Lightweight and gentle on surfaces yet tough where it matters, these kneepads will keep the user’s knees protected without damaging the floor that they are working on. Ideal for working on hardwood floors, roofing, gardening, plumbing, flooring and carpet installations, DIY, garage work, cleaning, and much more.

Ergonomic Design

Contoured to fit comfortably around the knees, these kneepads feature an ergonomic, wrap-around design that can be used by men, women, teens, and seniors alike. Two adjustable elastic straps keep the kneepads firmly in place, with pivoting buckle clips that conform to the user’s movements for a more comfortable and adaptable experience.

Moisture-Proof Outer Shell

Built with water-resistant materials, these kneepads offer excellent durability and are a perfect fit for those working on wet or dirty surfaces, making them extremely easy to clean. Simply hand-wash with mild soap and warm water and then dry them with a cloth. Leave pads to dry in the open air. Do not use a machine washer or dryer to clean your kneepads.

Anti-Scratch Shell Caps – Gentle on Floors and Delicate Surfaces

The EVA foam used to build these kneepads allows them to provide reliable protection that simultaneously remains gentle on delicate floors and work surfaces. Users can move around confidently, knowing that their floors will remain as protected as their knees are.

Injury Prevention and Joint Protection

JORESTECH® Foam Knee Pads keep the user safe and stable on dirty or uneven work surfaces, or where particles may cause harm. Featuring a full-sized pad, they create a large surface area that disperses the user’s weight evenly throughout the pad, reducing fatigue and joint pain. Their rugged yet soft construction protects, cushions, and relieves the knees during long-term wear, preventing pain, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions while scrubbing floors, cleaning, gardening, flooring, etc.

ArmaThick Protection System

Inspired by nature, JORESTECH® introduces its ArmaThick line of armored protective garments. With the perfect combination of toughness and soft comfort where it matters, JORESTECH® kneepads provide the user with excellent protection, reduced user fatigue and soreness, and an improved overall work experience. Look through our complete line of knee armor and find the perfect knee pad to fit your needs.

AR 09.20

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