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Eyes, ears, and vital organs are not the only body parts that demand protection when you are performing challenging industrial tasks or heavy-duty projects that take a physical toll. Knees can take a beating, too, so to protect your lower joints, select JORESTECH® Gel-Filled Knee Pads available at Technopack Corporation.

Comfort Gel-Filled Knee Pads provide protection in two ways: guarding the surface of your knees from cuts, bruises and abrasions, and reducing the potential effects of fatigue that may result from the strain of your work. The knee pads disperse your weight evenly throughout the pad, keeping you more comfortable and free from pain. Constructed with high abrasion and tear-resistant fabrics, these knee pads keep you safe and stable in work surfaces that might not be leveled or sanitary, or where your knees might be more vulnerable to cuts and scrapes.

The knee pads' soft touch comfort neoprene back panel moves and adapts to your body, and the sewn, treaded, heavy-duty poly shell caps allow you to securely swivel and maneuver more easily. There is a nylon thread front panel that enhances the durability of these tough pads, which sport extra-wide neoprene hook and loop straps to make fastening easier and which keep the pads comfortably in place.