Refill Bag for Ear Plug Dispenser - 250 Earplugs for Sound Suppression / Hearing Protection - (Model EP-101E-OR) by JORESTECH®

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Refill Bag for Ear Plug Dispenser - 250 Earplugs - (Model EP-101E-OR) by JORESTECH®

Refill your Earplug Dispenser with JORESTECH® Earplugs. With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 32dB, they are built to comply with the highest standards of safety for ear protection, as established by ANSI and CE. Built with ultra-soft, slow-release foam, they adapt to the inner contours of the ear canal for a comfortable and personalized fit that forms a secure seal, effectively blocking out noises and keeping earplugs in place.


  • BULLET-SHAPED COMFORT: Adapts to contours of inner ear to keep earplugs securely in place
  • NRR OF 32DB: Perfect for shooting, operating loud machinery, sleeping, and more
  • ANSI AND CE COMPLIANT: Built to comply with the highest safety standards for hearing protection
  • LONG-TERM COMFORT: Ultra-soft, low-pressure foam for protection you’ll forget you’re wearing!
  • VERSATILE: Low-pressure foam expands slowly to fit all ear sizes for comfort and adaptability



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