Safety Glasses Impact Resistant Polycarbonate wth Foam Gasket (Model LS-954) by JORESTECH®

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Stand out with comfort and style with JORESTECH’s line of safety glasses. Made to meet stringent ANSI Z87+ Standards of eyewear protection, these rugged eyeglasses provide comfort and safety during work and play. Crafted to deliver optical clarity and superior visual performance while sporting a contemporary design that provides professional good looks that you will be proud to wear.

Lightweight and comfortable, made for indoor and outdoor use, these polycarbonate lenses include anti-fog and scratch resistant features for increased durability. A removable foam gasket helps limit eye exposure, shielding your eyes from nuisance dust and other particles. Design features include an ergonomic, optically centered base curve that gently wraps around the face, providing comfortable protection that you’ll forget you are wearing!

Theses glasses are worn for a wide variety of activities including manufacturing, transportation, construction, education, DIY projects, hunting, military, biking, carpentry, hobbies, maintenance and repairs, landscaping, laboratories, arts and crafts, janitorial, warehousing, sports, etc.


  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: Eye protection you’ll forget you are wearing!
  • REMOVABLE FOAM GASKET: Increased versatility, provides added safety from dust and particles
  • UV PROTECTION: Shields your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun
  • RESILIENT: Anti-fog and scratch resistant coating for enhanced durability
  • ANSI Z87+: Compliant with the highest standards for safety eyewear practices
  • Stylish, contemporary and modern design
  • Hi-transparency polycarbonate hardened high impact lenses with scratch-resistant coating
  • Hi-Flex frame for reduced user fatigue and improved hold
  • Lightweight materials for comfort during long-term use
  • Poly-carbonate hardened temples
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Heavy Duty: Yes


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