JORESTECH® Anti Fog Safety Glasses 12 pack – ANSI Z87+ Anti Scratch High Impact Eye Protection (Model LS-786-CL)

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Fog Resistant Safety Glasses for Construction, pack of 12, Woodwork, Garage, DIY, etc. – Model LS-786-CL by JORESTECH®


  • CLEAR UV FILTERING TECHNOLOGY: Hi-transparency lenses with filtering protection for harmful UV rays
  • STRONG & RELIABLE PROTECTION: Durable, built with high-impact, scratch resistant Polycarbonate
  • ANTI-FOG COATING: Ultra-clear, non-distorting and anti-fog technology for enhanced optical clarity
  • ANSI Z87+: Compliant with the highest standards for superior and trustworthy eye protection
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Frameless construction & wrap-around design for an unobstructed field of view

From the garage, to the construction site, to the lumber yard, the JORESTECH® LS-786-CL Anti-Fog Safety Glasses have you covered. Featuring a wrap-around design that conforms to the user’s face, they provide a secure and comfortable fit that protects the eyes from impact or penetration caused by flying debris.

Compliant with the stringent ANSI Z87+ standards for eyewear safety, these high impact safety glasses provide a superior degree of eye protection making them perfect for school, manufacturing, lab work, DIY/garage projects, construction, yardwork, cleaning, woodworking, shooting, and much more.


Built for superior optical performance, these glasses are equipped with a double-sided anti-fog coating that provides high-transparency and exceptional visual acuity, making them ideal for humid, warm, and foggy conditions. Ideal for use with face covers, face masks, and additional personal protective equipment.


Made of ultra-resilient scratch resistant polycarbonate material, these glasses offer reliable impact and penetration protection against flying debris.


Featuring a rimless, discrete, and minimal design with a sporty and lightweight construction, these glasses are ideal for all day wear. Ergonomically wrapping around the wearer’s face, they offer extended protection from the sides and their texturized temples minimize slippage, providing a snug and comfortable fit.


The JORESTECH® Safety Glasses provide UV protection that keeps your eyes safe from both UV radiation while working out in the sun, serving as a significant tool in the prevention of eye illness and disease caused by long-term exposure to harmful rays.


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