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Industrial safety

Protect your eyes, your ears, your body, and your joints with the selection of industrial safety products available at Technopack Corporation, which stocks a large inventory of goggles, glasses, hearing protection, tool vests, knee pads, safety vests, back support belts, rain sets, and safety shirts to keep you safe.

JORESTECH® glasses and goggles are prescription frame compatible eye protection active wear with high UV protection and Polycarbonate hardened high-impact lenses with scratch-resistant coating. Get them in a variety of colors and styles.

Protect your hearing with JORESTECH® ear muffs in two different styles, soft foam ear plugs and tri-flange silicone ear plugs.

Choose from several models of vests. The JORESTECH® utility vest is made with extra heavy-duty nylon material and includes multiple loops and pockets for hammer, nails, a flashlight, and other tools, as well as accessible pockets, gear loops and clip points keep work gear secure and close at hand. It has adjustable side straps to fit your body size and a zipper front closure. Technopack also stocks JORESTECH® high-visibility fluorescent reflective safety vests made with the brightest colors proven to be the most effective in visually crowded environments.

JORESTECH® safety apparel makes you visible from greater distances and under conditions where visibility is compromised.

Support for your back can also be a critical component of some industrial tasks, and JORESTECH® makes back support belts available at Technopack in either black or high-visibility orange and yellow. With suspenders that are easy to adjust, the support belts protect the lumbar area while you are working and lifting to reduce the chance or strain or injury.

JORESTECH® Comfort Gel-Filled Knee Pads reduce work fatigue and joint pain by dispersing your weight evenly throughout the pad. In addition to guarding against fatigue, the knee pads protect you from cuts, abrasions and bumps you may sustain on the job.