Ventilated PC / ABS Safety Hard Hat / Helmet – With 4-Point Adjustable Ratchet, Side Ventilation and Anti Intrusion Grille for Mountaineering, Zip-Lining, Work-at-Height, Rescue, Climbing, Hiking – (Model HHAT-05) by JORESTECH®

ANSI/ISEA Compliant
PPE By JORESTECH®- ABS Work-At-Height and Rescue Hard Hat Helmet w/ Adjustable Ratchet 6-Point Suspension ANSI Z89.1-14 Certified For Work, Home, and General Headwear Protection Non-Slotted (S-HHAT-03)
15 days

Slotted / Vented Climbing / Hiking Safety Helmet with Anti-Intrusion Mesh – Compliant with ANSI Z89.1 - 2014 Type I Class C for Head Protection - (Model HHAT-05) by JORESTECH®

The JORESTECH® HHAT-05 Safety Helmet is built with modern materials that are strong and lightweight, protecting the top of the head against falling objects, impacts, bumps, and scrapes. Equipped with an array of modifiable features, this hard hat can be easily adjusted to suit your individual requirements. Built for ultimate safety and reliability, it features a modifiable, one-handed ratchet suspension system and adjustable clip-on chin strap that keep the helmet safely attached to the user’s head at all times. Its side ventilation slots are equipped with heavy-duty, aluminum alloy anti intrusion grilles that protect the user from smaller protruding or falling objects without compromising the helmet’s ventilated design. Its breathable, sweat-wicking brow and head pad provide additional cooling benefits to this helmet as they absorb sweat and aid in air circulation, and can be removed for machine washing or replacement between uses. Made with strong and lightweight materials for all-day wear, this helmet performs outstandingly during sustained, long-term use, providing exceptional long-term comfort and making it ideal for work-at-height, rescue, climbing, hiking, roofing, forestry, caving, exploration, and other sports that may require head protection.


  • Tested and Marked: Top of the line protection, compliant with ANSI Z89.1-2014 Type I Class C
  • Side Ventilation: Added breathability that keeps users cool during long-term use and hot climates
  • Anti-Intrusion Grille: Aluminum alloy mesh protects vents and keeps smaller objects out of helmet
  • Headlamp Mounts: 4 positioning hooks to easily mount and secure headlamps with elastic headbands
  • Adjustable Ratchet Knob: For easy size adjustment & a personalized fit that keeps helmet in place
  • 4-Point Suspension: Upgraded shock-absorbing suspension system for increased head protection
  • Mountaineering Helmet Standard Compliance: With front, rear, right, and left impact resistance performance
  • Comfort Brow Liner: Washable, replaceable, and moisture-wicking, helps keep sweat out of wearer’s eyes
  • Rugged and Reliable: Made of a high impact and penetration resistant ABS outer shell
  • Low Profile Design: Sleek, modern design that allows for uninterrupted upward vision
  • Adjustable, Clip-On Chin Strap: Designed to reduce risk of losing helmet during a fall – great for working at heights or during emergency rescue
  • Suitable for Extreme Temperatures: Passed the +60℃ high and -30℃ low temperature tests
  • Heavy-Duty: Flame retardant and impact resistant
  • Versatile: Designed for work at height, rescue, and industry professionals, as well as for any situations where helmet safety is recommended



Warranty Information

Return/Warranty Policy :
Return Days/Warranty Months: 15/0

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
15 Inches
Shipping Length:
11 Inches
Shipping Height:
14 Inches

Other Specifications

Item Condition:
  • High Density Polyethylene Shell

Safety vest features

ANSI/ISEA Compliant :

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