EII TIJ Dual Head Inkjet Coding / Printing Machine (For Batch, Lot, Number and Date Coding) - (Model COD-EII) by DAX

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High Resolution Ink Jet Printer / Coder (For Coding, Dating, Lot / Batch Number, Logo, Barcode, Expiration, Etc) - (Model COD-EII) by DAX

The JORESTECH® TIJ COD-EII Dual-Headed Inkjet Printer is a versatile solution for most printing and coding applications. A perfect fit for low-to-medium speed coding applications, it is capable of printing onto a wide variety of substrates and product shapes, easy to use, low maintenance, and hassle-free. Featuring two print heads, it extends the benefits of a regular coder by offering greater capabilities for more demanding applications: print more content on a given package, on two different locations within a single product, on multiple lanes, etc.

The COD-EII can be used continually or occasionally and requires none of the harsh chemicals and servicing needed by other inkjet technologies. This printer is modular, and can be mounted on a wide variety of systems including conveyors, labelers, packaging machines, and cartoning machines, among others. Its intelligent features of allow for the printing of sequential numbers or counters, so that each individual item printed has its own unique number, and its high-resolution allows for printing of more than alphanumerical information: Barcodes, logos, and designs that require precision are attainable, and are uploaded into the system with simplicity and ease.

Affordable, easy to install, and reliable, inkjet coders are used by a wide variety of industries including food, beverage, snack, pet food, chemicals, pharma, manufacturing, printing, and many others.


  • HIGH-RESOLUTION SYSTEM: For precise prints of optimal readability (50 – 600DPI)
  • VERSATILE: Multiple print object capabilities, including characters, numbers, barcodes, logos, date/time, counters, etc.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: User-friendly HMI with color LCD touch screen 7-inch, full color LCD high resolution touch screen
  • INK LEVEL DETECTION: Automatic ink level measuring and managing system, keeps user informed of available ink levels
  • ADJUSTABLE PRINT SPEED: Can be automatically set or controlled by an external encoder (optional, not included with the coder)
  • Compatible with variable database from external sources like MS Excel, MS Access, SQL 200, and others
  • Stand-alone print head and controller with DB25 (Serial) connector, for ease of installation and high reliability for printing bidirectionally (left-to-right or right-to-left)
  • Double Print Head with print heights of up to 1” (25.4 mm) from substrate (Allows 2 lines up to ½“ (12 mm) each)
  • Print head can be positioned vertically and/or sideways (to place code on top, bottom, or the sides of the object)
  • System automatically recognizes ink types, and identifies optimum printing parameters for each ink type
  • Low-maintenance HP TIJ Inkjet Technology
  • System accepts the addition of customized fonts
  • Multiple date formats and counters, with a wide variety of modes available
  • Equipped with integrated photo eye to trigger the print cycle
  • Multi-level password protection (Admin, Tech, Operator) for system access controls
  • CE and FCC certified

Other Specifications:

  • Printing Speed: 1 - 365 m/min.
  • Voltage: 30V/3A 90W (with dedicated 120V AC adaptor)
  • Included Ports: DB15, Ethernet, USB, DB25
  • Machine Weight: 10.9 Lbs. (5 Kg)
  • Packaged Dimensions: 15 ¼ ” L x 8 ” W x 10 ½ ” H (432 x 254 x 140 mm)
  • Packaged Weight: 11.8 Lbs. (5.3 Kg)

*Ink not included, please purchase separately



Warranty Information

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Return Days/Warranty Months: 15/3

Coding & Printing

Temperature Graduation:
Digital Temperature Controller:
Pedal Included:

Machine Dimensions

Item Width:
15 Inches
Item Length:
13 Inches
Item Height:
7 Inches

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width:
20 Inches
Shipping Length:
10 Inches
Shipping Height:
8 Inches

Other Specifications

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Excellent option to traditional CIJ printers... Fast, clean, Easy...
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